1. glassy, glossy, polished, varnished, burnished; sleek, silky, satiny, velvet, fine; delicate, filmy, gossamery, attentuated; greasy, buttery, slippery, slick, icy, oily.
2. even, level, plane, horizontal, flush; flat, unrough, unruffled, unwrinkled; jointless, gapless, seamless.
3. clean-shaven, smooth-shaven, bald, hairless, Zool., Bot. glabrous, tonsured, depilated; bare, naked, barren, coverless.
4. easy, facile, plain, simple, effortless, light; uniform, even, regular, steady; constant, stable, consistent, unchanging, unvarying; unvaried, eventless, uneventful, businesslike, monotonous; ceaseless, incessant, unstopped; uninterrupted, unbroken, continuous, unintermittent; flowing, fluent, liquid; rhythmical, harmonious, methodical, orderly, well-ordered, systematic, routine, unaltered.
5. untroubled, unagitated, undisturbed, unperturbed, unruffled, composed, collected, cool; calm, placid, still, quiescent, sedate; serene, pacific, peaceful, reposeful, restful; equable, peaceable, quiet, mild, moderate, gentle, meek; level-headed, poised, self-possessed, even-tenored, even-tempered; inexcitable, unir-ritable, impassive, nonchalant, unworried, unmoved.
6. elegant, polished, refined; graceful, tripping, measured, flowing, fluent; eloquent, pleasing, articulate, well-spoken, silver-tongued, smooth-tongued; glib, facund.
7. pleasant, agreeable, felicitous; polite, courteous, courtly, mannerly, courierly; suave, soignd, sophisticated, urbane, civil.
8. fawning, flattering, blandishing, insinuating; adulatory, honey-tongued, mealymouthed, smarmy, gush-ing; fulsome, slimy, oily, unctuous; obsequious, sycophantic, toadyish, insincere, Sl. soapy, Inf. soft-soaping.
9. crafty, cunning, shrewd, canny, wily, Inf. cagey; Machiavellian, politic, sophistical, tactical, scheming, slick, designing, strategic; clever, shifty, sly, foxy, stealthy, sneaky, resourceful, tricky, subtle.
10. gentle, soft, honey, sweet, dulcet, soothing; mellifluous, mellow, golden, molten-golden; euphonious, metrical, lyric, musical; silvery, tuneful, mellisonant.
11. plane, level, even, align, planish; flatten, roll, steamroll, bulldoze; press, iron, mangle, calender; raze, lay, fell; pare, shave, mow, sheer, poll; dress, smooth out, equalize; scrape, abrade, rub down, scour, grind; buff, sand, sandpaper, pumice, file; furbish, burnish, glaze, slick, gloss; wax, lubricate, oil, grease, finish, varnish.
12. ready, prepare, prime; facilitate, ease, clear, clear the way, make way, expedite, quicken; pave, help, aid, help along, open the way, open the door; grease, grease the wheels, soap, lubricate; lighten, disembarrass, disencumber, unhamper, disburden, free up.
13. polish, refine, harmonize; correct, cultivate, civilize; temper, soften, perfect, mellow; improve, ameliorate, meliorate, better.
14. tranquilize, calm, soothe, compose, moderate; assuage, mollify, allay, mitigate, alleviate; modulate, attemper, temper; soften, appease, pacify, propitiate, placate, conciliate; hush, lull, still, quiet, rock, cradle; dulcify, lenify, quell, subdue, pour oil on troubled waters, pour balm on, take the sting out of.
15. gloss over, extenuate, apologize, excuse, palliate; whitewash, varnish, dress up, cloak.

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